Anasazi Trail

Anasazi, the ancestral Pueblo people, were migrants of a different epoch. Transitioning from wandering hunter-gatherers to dry land farmers, they were the settlers of the first millennium in the high desert Southwest.

Between 500-1300AD, the Pueblo people developed a complex culture and sustainable agriculture in the Montezuma valley with a population of 35000 then, compared to a modern 24000 now. Initially simple pit houses on the Mesa tops led to amazing feats of masonry to build cliff dwellings complete with spring water and ample protection from weather and other enemies.

Then between 1300 to 1500, from Mesa Verde and Chaco Canyon to Bandalier, they were gradually abandoned (which in the Pueblo parlance means currently unoccupied). Probably the Pueblo people were congregating in larger villages along the Rio Grande, but unfortunately this put them in easier view for the arrival of the not so friendly conquistadors. Now only masonry, petroglyphs and questions remain. It is a very interesting area to spend some time.

Antelope Island at the Great Salt Lake

Arches National Park

Mesa Verde

Cliff dwellings that you can explore

After a great week in Salt Lake City with Connor, we trundled through southern Utah, southwestern Colorado, and New Mexico. Master Muffler (Not!) failed to fix our exhaust leak, the rv air conditioner failed exactly upon entering Texas and its 98 degree heat, and we got a flat tire on arrival in Port Aransas. 3676 miles and six weeks on the road since leaving Blaine Washington, we are happy to be with daughter Sarah at UT MSI, for some rest and repairs. All good here as we settle into Texas for awhile.

Camping on the beach at Port Aransas

All the best,


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5 Responses to Anasazi Trail

  1. Steve says:

    Looks like fun. Been to Arches a few times now.

  2. Laysan says:

    Right Steve, Arches is great, especially early and late to avoid the crowds. Best of all is the senior National Park Pass which means free entry!

  3. Thanks for the update. Seeing Connor on the way and now time with Sarah is awesome. We love the parks you have visited. Talk about going again in the next few years. We are off tomorrow from Oklahoma to Sedona for a week, Canyon De Chilly for 4 days and then Santa Fe for 10 days. We have had some great times on this trip. Home June 4th for 6 weeks. Good luck when you get up to Dad’s place. Is the motor home going to make it there? Love you, Sandie

    • Laysan says:

      Hi Sandie,
      The Southwest does have some amazing places, and be sure to eat at Maria’s in Santa Fe; their green chili stew is so good. After almost twenty years of family adventures from Alaska to Texas, the 1993 Winnebago is certainly showing its age. Now it probably goes up for sale when we reach Fort Worth. One more short haul next week, which is going to be challenging without air conditioning…

  4. says:

    Kathleen/John, how has/did your trip gone/go? David is going to be in Hawaii on business (SWA) in early August and was wondering if you guys would be back home by then?

    I sent an email to Kathleen’s business email address but figured she may not see that anytime soon.


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