It takes a long time to walk 500 miles.  Last stage: Pedrouzo to Santiago 22 km. 

Arrival Santiago!

Forty days and forty nights, that’s how long it takes to walk from St Jean Pied de Port, France, to Santiago de Compostela, Spain. If you wander around a bit on side trips, see the towns and museums along the way, then it accumulates over 800 km, or 500 miles for the metrically challenged. It’s definitely not a walk in the park, but with a reasonable pace of 20 km (12 miles) per day, and the nightly rooms and meals, a nice walker’s rhythm develops.

Sunrise is always behind us on the Way

These boots were made for walking, and that’s just what they did.

Kathleen’s Latin Compostela, i.e. Pilgrim’s diploma

Attempting a difficult challenge together, like navigating across an ocean or walking across a country, reminds me how fortunate I am to be Kathleen’s partner. She is perseverant, patient, and seemingly impervious to pain. I love her.

Kathleen leading the Way

The Camino was her creative idea for us after Steven finished it in 2014. And while we may have underestimated its difficulty, we started and finished together smiling. As the philosopher said, “Solvitur ambulando”. 

Plaza de Obradoiro, notice the other pilgrims flopped in the center

Now we rest in Santiago a couple days before traveling the region another week via faster means. It has been a meaningful experience for us and we have enjoyed writing our thoughts. Thanks for listening. Hope to see you soon. 


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23 Responses to It takes a long time to walk 500 miles.  Last stage: Pedrouzo to Santiago 22 km. 

  1. Gordon Wallace says:

    Congratulations John and Kathleen! We’ve enjoyed so much reading your posts and following you on your path to Santiago!

  2. Penny Noufer says:

    Congratulations! Quite the accomplishment!

  3. Heidi Kuehnle-Wallace says:

    Congrats! Thanks for taking us along on your wonderful journey.

  4. Sybil Saito says:

    Congratulations – next stop?

  5. Dan McCarty says:

    Well Done!


  6. Kehau says:

    What an awesome trek! Thanks for all the pictures and descriptions along the way.

  7. Congratulations. It has been great reading the daily blogs. Very impressed that you did that with great photos. Now vacation time. Safe travels. Love you, Sandie

  8. Don Harvey says:

    Don & I have been with you in spirit daily. Thoroughly enjoyed your great photos & interesting historical descriptions, as well as your daily blog. Buen Camino! Dodie & Don Harvey

  9. james langworthy says:

    Hi John and Kathleen, Fantastic adventure. I enjoyed it vicariously. Keep on trucking.

    Aloha, James R Langworthy

  10. Laura Thielen says:

    Congratulations. We shall miss our daily dose of journey via journal.

  11. winewoodln says:

    Congrats on the completion. It was an a great journey and your blog was fantastic. It was terrific to spend a small part of the Camino with you. Love Steven

  12. Lane Burnett says:

    Congratulations. Becky and I have enjoyed quietly following you adventure and are sad to see it come to an end. Thanks for the inspiration as we hope to one day follow your footsteps.

    • Laysan says:

      Thanks Lane
      I offer my support if you decide to do the Camino. It’s been surreal to walk this town and see so many faces we recognize. It makes me drink a beer at lunch and take a siesta, like a Spaniard. Stay in touch my friend.

  13. Phillip Olsen says:

    Congratulations, Ph

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