A king, a prime minister, and a president.  And the Celtics. Bolboreta to Azura 26 km. 

Albergue Bolboreta, our country manor for the night

Spain’s king, Felipe VI, is a worldly young man (49), and perhaps a calming influence on the escalating tensions between the prime minister of Spain and the president of Catalonia. The two latter elected officials are duking it out here for their political lives, when the ultra cool and very tall ex-Olympian king strides onto the scene and tells Catalonia: shut up and sit down. This kind of parenting is frowned upon these days but maybe it will work.

Buying bread on the Way from the roving Panaderia truck

Anyway, that’s the news from Galicia, which is an astoundingly beautiful, green region of Spain. Originally settled by Celtic tribes around 500 BC, and the last region of Hispania conquered by Rome, it retains a separate dialect and sometimes looks like the other Celtic landscapes in Ireland. There’s even some pagan and animistic cultural history persisting here. You have got to love the Irish. 

Galicia, the Celts were here.

Stone bridge; Oh so danger!

Lunch on the Way.

Kathleen’s requisite cow picture.

John’s requisite jamon picture

We walked a big day and arrived at our usual 4 pm. The Hostal has a restaurant renowned among the pilgrims, which can mean either quantity or quality, so hopefully both. All good. 

​​​Habla Espanol?

Blogger to Bloggee tip: click on last photo for video. Bonus points to Bloggees who find three previous videos. 

Still having fun,


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5 Responses to A king, a prime minister, and a president.  And the Celtics. Bolboreta to Azura 26 km. 

  1. Looking good. Just catching up on emails. Oklahoma now and loads for family time. Home on Wedenesday the 25th.

  2. winewoodln says:

    Bruno said this is his favorite post. He says your Spanish is almost perfect. Muy bien.

  3. Sybil Saito says:

    Mooie bueno

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