Did Caesar walk here? Morgada to Ventas de Naron, 23km (100 km to Santiago!)

The 100 km marker, 690 down and 100 to go

It is said that when Caesar was in Spain and saw the statue of Alexander the Great he wept. Supposedly this was because Alexander had accomplished so much before his death at 33, and Caesar was only a Roman official in Spain at the same age. He then left for Rome and greater things, e.g. becoming Emperor. Gazing upon history can be very inspirational.

As has happened before on the Camino, we came across an archeological surprise or two today. First was the abandoned underwater town of Portomarin, where they flooded a medieval village to make a lake in 1963. Fortunately, the drought has lowered the water level to see the old foundations. (The knightly fortress church was moved to higher ground brick by brick.)

Portomarin 1, Medieval

Portomarin 2, transplanted

Picnic lunch at church square, my favorite

Castromaior, Roman city from 200 BC-100AD

Secondly, Castromaior, one of the important excavations of Roman towns in Spain, was along the Way today in an unassuming little dairy cow village. I deviated from the path to see this remnant from 200 BC to 100 AD, and wondered, did Caesar walk here?

“Et tu?”  

Reviewing days pictures at the albergue bar

 Hasta la vista,


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7 Responses to Did Caesar walk here? Morgada to Ventas de Naron, 23km (100 km to Santiago!)

  1. Penny Noufer says:

    Almost there! I admire your discipline!

  2. Penny Noufer says:

    Ever run out of things to talk about?

    • Laysan says:

      Hi Penny
      In the morning we’re fresh and talk about why I want to move to Spain. Afternoons we’re tired and I talk to myself (usually silently.)

  3. Don Harvey says:

    Dodie and I are enjoying your daily posts immensely. Dodie has talked of making the “walk” but I think we are beyond that point now. Your description of your activities is so vivid we feel like we are there. Don(nie)

    • Laysan says:

      Hi Don
      Glad you’re following us along the Way! Consider starting at Astorga for a more reasonable distance and still amazing scenery. All the best to you and Dodie.

  4. winewoodln says:

    Less than 100km is amazing. Just yesterday I was looking in Google earth wondering where you were. I spotted some ruins and marveled how they looked similar to Indian ruins in Chaco canyon. Your picture of castromajor was the very place I’d seen. I wonder how I missed this when I walked? Thank you for showing me.

    • Laysan says:

      Hi Steven
      The Castromaior ruins were off the side after a long uphill climb, so easily missed. But, you know I’m always looking for the Romans. And the Fiat can get here from there.

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