Spain is the New France; Villafranca de Berzios to las Herrerias, 22km

Cool morning departure

Off track through the chestnut orchards

Spain’s population of 47 million may be decreasing back to 90’s levels of 40 million due to emigration and low birth rates after the long financial crisis. This is compared to 60+ million each in France and Italy, thus making Spain the least densely populated western European country. 

Armorial crest, flowered balconies; check check

Couple that with centuries old architecture, friendly people, great wines, good food in tapas portions and affordable prices , I consider Spain to be the New France, so to speak. (And did I mention the jamon?)

Long way down

Hard climb today but it took us into the country and away from the road for the first half day. Then back down into the valley for the village of las Herrerias with a 5 E bottle of hyper local wine and dinner. Another mountain tomorrow. 

Buenas noches 


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2 Responses to Spain is the New France; Villafranca de Berzios to las Herrerias, 22km

  1. Looks lovely. Hope the shin splints are not bad. Chestnut orchard would be interesting. We did a patio tour in southern Spain. They opened their courtyards for a day, beautiful pots with flowers all over the walls. Lucky you. Love you, Sandie

    • Laysan says:

      Hi Sandie
      Going uphill is my favorite, and doesn’t bother the shin splints. Downhill is a different story and we take it slowly. Overall, net mood positive!

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