Zero Day…Excellent! Ponferrada. 

So, you have to love a zero day! Sleep until a civilized 8:30 am, have more than one coffee, and no furious jamming of gear into a dusty backpack to beat the dawn pilgrim parade. No, we have fried churros for breakfast, followed by a drive to the mountains to visit Las Medulas, an ancient Roman gold mining site that is now a UNESCO world heritage site. After stopping at the chestnut roasting stand, we tour the ridge and visit the mines complete with hard hats in case of …. hitting our heads on the narrow tunnel passages or in the event of a mine collapse … not sure which! In any event, great fun. So pushing the one activity a day envelope, we next stop in at Castillo de Cornatel; an amazing 12th century castle ruin atop a precipice with absolutely no people! We have lunch of jamon and queso bocadillos perched like Knights of Templar above the heights…excellent. 

And to push the boundaries of a zero day, we go into the old historic Ponferrada for a pincho pub crawl. Muchas gracias to Bruno and Steven for a fantastic day. -k

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4 Responses to Zero Day…Excellent! Ponferrada. 

  1. Penny Noufer says:

    You both look so slim! Quite the exercise program. You deserve many days off!

  2. Heidi Kuehnle-Wallace says:

    Aloha Kathleen and John, Just wanted you to know that Gordon and I are following your daily adventures with much pleasure! Thanks for the lovely posts. Keep on truckin’!

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