Iron Cross at the Punta, Rabanal to Ponferrada, 13 km (uphill only)

Leaving the Meseta, entering the Montes de Leon

Leaving Rabanal, passing through Foncebadon

Today we climbed from the small village of Rabanal, known for the red- haired Maragato culture with a curious custom of leaving their keys in the door to let people know that they were not at home, and their numerous dry-stacked rock walls. They are a genetically isolated group of Moorish ancestry with red hair, sure enough. 

Iron cross at the Punta

A pagan offering for the ancestors

After climbing to the highest point of the Camino at 1515 meters, we came to the Iron Cross where everyone leaves an item they brought from home, in our case two shells identical to the Camino symbol that we found on a beach in the Philippines. And then, magically, Steven appears in a Fiat waving and yelling “Hola!”

Bruno, Steven, and Kathleen

The Fiat, a pilgrims dream

We meet Bruno, all hug, and then drive in the glorious Fiat all the way down the mountain to Ponferrada. (no shin splints that way). To top it off, we tour a fantastic medieval castle from the Knights of Templar, have a few pinchos, and call it a night. All good, anticipate a nice zero day tomorrow. 

The Knights of Templar knew how to build a fortress in the 1200’s

Easily defended for centuries, until gunpowder that is, in the 16th century

Buenas noches 


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6 Responses to Iron Cross at the Punta, Rabanal to Ponferrada, 13 km (uphill only)

  1. How great to hook up now with Steven and Bruno. Enjoy your time with them. I am really impressed with the carryig and leaving of shells. That was some forthought. Love you, Sandie and Joe

  2. Penny Noufer says:

    So nice to see a picture of Steven and Bruno. Give them both a hug from me. Always surprised to see how rested you and John look, like you just spent a day at the beach!

  3. Steve says:

    Nice post. Enjoy your off day.

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