Just Another Day on the Camino.Astorga to Rabinal del Camino 20.6 km. 

8:15 am departure, this was not an albuergue!

Ok, not much happened today. We recovered nicely from any residual guilt feelings about hopping over Leon by bus and looked forward expectantly to a walking day. The morning desayuno was the typical cafe con leche, zumo de naranja, and tostadas con manzanilla, today was slightly pricier at 5 euro, but the juice was fresh squeezed…delicious. We hit the cobblestones by 8:15, before the sun was up; it’s starting to be shorter days…winters coming! 

Iglesia S. Bartolome

Lunch shopping at a carneceria.

The meseta is now behind us and the walk has entered rolling hills with scrubby oak trees, a little like central Texas. The villages are significantly different than the meseta which reminded us of Mexico with its dry, flat expanses and adobe houses. Here, red rock is in abundance and these folks know how to make some excellent stacked walls. 

Santa Catalina de Somoza

Today was a 20+ km day which we banged out pretty good in the morning. However, John’s shin splints flared up again in the afternoon and we slowed down and enjoyed the passing scenery. So all goes well.

Resting some hot feet!

Tomorrow we climb to the highest point of the journey; 1,515 meters or 4,970′. Of course, what goes up must come down, and John’s shin splints may protest! -k

The best time of the day, cerveza time!

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1 Response to Just Another Day on the Camino.Astorga to Rabinal del Camino 20.6 km. 

  1. Nice to enter different terrain. Trouble with shin splints is you just have to give them a break. Some stretches help, I am sure you have looked that up. Hope you get to have time with Steven soon. We have made NYC. 8 hour flight from Paris, nap, Bronx Tale and after hours cabaret show at 54 Blow. Joe just does not want to let opportunity to see things pass. Today a matinee and ballet tonight. Then off to Oklahoma. Enjoy, Sandie

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