Zero Day in Burgos. 0 km. 

Burgos is a fine city for a zero day! Not only are there cathedrals, museums and tapas bars, but this weekend there is a medieval festival going on. A surprising number of the locals are wearing elaborate medieval outfits with leather and sword accouterments; against the backdrop of the Burgos cathedral, I feel like I’m in a time machine.  

But to add some science to the mythology, we start our day by visiting the Museo de la Evolucion. 

The entire museum is a twenty first modern tribute to the man who gave us natural selection and survival of the fittest (I think he must have walked the Camino), Mr. Charles Robert Darwin. 

The exhibit highlighted the recent finds of early European humans, 1.2 million years ago. The remains were fond in Atapuerca, one of our Camino stops. We are walking in the footsteps of our ancient ancestors. 

The internet here at the hostal is very poor so I don’t know if my pictures have uploaded or if the writing matches the pictures. So I will continue on in an electronic dark. After the incredibly pithy experience of the evolution museum, John had to fortify himself for the tour of the Burgos cathedral, hence the photo of him drinking beer at 1:00 in the afternoon.   I insisted we visit the cathedral, a total shock and awe experience. Even by today’s architectural standards the space is immense, lavish, and well…totally over the top. I believe that afterwards, I have included John back at the hostal meditating on the experience. When I have full wifi access again, I will include the final wind down of our Burgos zero day, a visit to San Lorenzo steet, a tapas bar extravaganza. The Spanish are out in force at 9pm with children in tow enjoying great wine, loud and engaged conversation and a comraderie that is enviable. Hasta luego. -k. (And if this is not a decipherable post, I will try again tomorrow. )

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6 Responses to Zero Day in Burgos. 0 km. 

  1. Steve J Noufer says:

    But, I thought you guys were creationists? At least you went to a museum and a Cathedral. Nice balance.

  2. winewoodln says:

    Excellent post. The pictures looked great and were in sync with your words. I loved the picture of John prone on his bed duplicating the statue he was watching in the church. And John having a beer with the cathedral ominously towering in the background….excellent. I was in Lugo Spain for a huge medieval festival a few years ago, it must be a Spanish thing. I thought you guys were in a hotel in Burgos. Kudos to you for staying in a hostel. True pilgrims.

    • Laysan says:

      Hey, I’m glad you picked up on the repetitive pose metaphor; I work hard at this you know! Thanks for the positive I’ve encouragement!

    • Laysan says:

      And so, the reason we stayed at a hostal in Burgos is that everything was booked or very expensive! We were lucky to get a bed, the hostal was booked out both nights. Some fellow pilgrims said they couldn’t get anyplace at all in Burgos.

  3. sandie says:

    The tapas look great. Like John in meditative pose. Glad you enjoyed your day off.

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