Creationists beware. Atapuerca to Burgos 21 km

Morning countryside of Atapuerca

Alternative route with old way marks

After a few thousand years of recorded history along this route , including great civilizations such as the Greeks, the Basques, the Romans, the Visigoths, the Moors, and the Spanish, I wondered about the prehistory and then we found Atapuerca. 

Ancient monoliths of Atapuerca

While excavating for a mining operation just recently, the remains of an even more ancient occupation by man was uncovered at Atapuerca, where we stayed last night. Evidence of stone monoliths and human settlements have now been dated to be the oldest known in Europe at 1.2 million years. (That’s a lot of zeros, creationists). More to be learned about that at the Museum for Human Evolution in Burgos tomorrow. 

A medieval feeling

Meanwhile, we have arrived in Burgos, an amazing city of history and culture, with an active night life and a gargoyled cathedral of surreal proportions. Despite the church’s wealth they charge for entry and I will have to decide if it’s worthwhile for an atheist visit. 

Burgos makes us happy

The mornings are beautiful countryside, the afternoons are endless and difficult but the evenings quite enjoyable. Tomorrow is a zero day, so Kathleen can tell the story of Burgos. 

One third of the way done, and still walking. 
Hasta manana 


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2 Responses to Creationists beware. Atapuerca to Burgos 21 km

  1. winewoodln says:

    Wow today’s pictures are really nice.

  2. sandie says:

    Another good post. We do not pay for a look around church. Well, we did for St. Mark’s in Venice. Now we hardly want to go in anyway. Will be interesting to hear about it. We are in Porto and like it much better than Lisbon. Did a walking tour, which is always a good way to be introduced to a city. Joe has found some good music for tonight. Life is good. Love you, Sandie

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