Azofra to Carrasquedo 24 km

Another day another 24 km of track behind us. (35800 steps!) Morning starts slowly with long shadows in front of us and cool cloudy skies overhead. We met a couple of Spanish kittens, who interestingly purr just like American cats, and then walk on, gradually loosening up the sore muscles climbing hills up to the completely empty village of Ciruena. Row upon row of unsold apartment blocks with deserted streets. Eerie.  

Walking into Santo Domingo we repeat the slow motion city outskirts experience of trashy backstreet warehouses followed by gas station suburbs until suddenly it’s shady cobblestone streets and alleys with nice shops, bakeries, and a cathedral. First order of business is to find an ATM, not easy, and try again to get cash, not always guaranteed, but all goes well and we buy our picnic lunch. 

Pilgrims have a trash problem

Central Santo Domingo is charming

The afternoons are always hardest for me in the heat and especially if the track runs along the busy highway in the sun. 

Kathleen drags me along albeit reluctantly

This is how I feel in the afternoon

Eventually however we turned off the pilgrim route and went cross country on dirt roads following our gps right to a lovely isolated Hostal Carrasquedo. All’s well that ends well. 

Hasta manana. 


This is how I feel in the evening

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5 Responses to Azofra to Carrasquedo 24 km

  1. winewoodln says:

    I was getting worried that a new episode of my favorite show, Fun with K and J wasn’t coming out today. I’d have to say you look like you feel pretty good in the evening. It must be the delicious Spanish red wine. Im very much enjoying reading your perspective on the Camino. Thanks for the posts.

    • Laysan says:

      La Rioja wines survived the phylloxera scourge of France in the 1850’s. The Bordeaux wine merchants came and bought the Spanish wine. They left behind their vintner methodology and now we have fantastic Crianza for 5Euro. Lucky us.

  2. Steve J Noufer says:

    Evenings do look decent. Wine always helps.

  3. sandie says:

    Still experiencing recession since the whole block of apartments are sitting empty. Nice when you get to the cobblestone street sections. Like the comparison to the sunflower. Joe and I are looking at our phone now under the health app. Seeing how many steps and flights of steps taken. Thanks for showing us that. We are not doing near as you. Yet, we think we are are doing plenty. Lisbon is on 7 hills and the trick becomes how to get over there with out climbing up there!!!! As you live here you would get to know how get there with least resistance. Or just get in better shape. Hope the day goes well for you. Love you, Sandie

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