Barracks to beans. Logronos to Ventosa 19 km. 

Waking in my bunk among many others in the barracks, I dream I am a conscript in some strange army of zealots marching toward some unknown destination. But after coffee in the mess area I meet a couple of nice flight attendants getting ready for their walk and realized it’s mainly a regular crowd, except I’m generationally older than most. And rationalization is a self reinforcing coping mechanism. 

After last nights harvest parade through Logronos where each vineyard had a competing brass band, we left in the early morning walking through streets washed down by city workers already up before us. Crossing streets with light signals for bikes and pedestrians, it seemed a bit urban for hiking. But perhaps the nature of our trip is more migratory than recreational. At least that’s how it seems because we’re always moving on each day. 

At days end we stopped at the albergue San Saturnino in the village of Ventosa, where so few people live that there is no market and only one bar for dinner. The hostelario, however had a well stocked pantry with prices on each item and encouraged us to get “inspired.”  With his house wine at 4 Euro a bottle, we launched into creating a bean chorizo stew and had a wonderful evening talking with our fellow hikers from everywhere. It’s now 10 pm and lights out until the mandatory checkout at 8am. All is well. 

Buenas noches. 


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5 Responses to Barracks to beans. Logronos to Ventosa 19 km. 

  1. Phil Olsen says:

    John & K,
    I have the luxury of enjoying your brave adventures vicariously, and I am happy to report that you deserve my deepest admiration for your diligence and commitment to your quest.

  2. winewoodln says:

    I remember the beautiful quiet gardens of San Saturnino. I think I also made a soup of beans and chorizo (and drank the house wine). Your journey is bringing back good memories. Soldier on.

    • Laysan says:

      Thanks Steven
      As every bus passes by I check its destination longingly. Maybe this one, maybe that one, oh yes that one looks interesting. Still walking, for now.

  3. sandie says:

    Looks like the bed is barely long enough. Guess that is probably the case most place. Harvest festival is a good celebration. I remember competing brass bands in Nepal, whey that was way to much for our ears. Well and the fact that they were terrible!!! Went to fado (Portuguese National music) dinner club last night. Voices were beautiful. Enjoy the days trek. Love you, Sandie

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