Hostelario del KoolAid.  Villamayor to Torres del Rio, 20 km.

We awoke in the unfortunate choice of albergue for last night. (Note: Here comes the rant). Run by the Jim Jones of the Camino, proselytizing Christianity for profit to a hungry captive audience crammed into his dining room, he proceeded to force feed his propaganda and philosophy ad nauseum until we ran outside afterward. It was an offensive abuse. (Rant over).

After breakfast in a bag, substandard and overpriced (rant recurrence), we began the day anew with an early start, making 10 km before lunch.

Along the way through vineyards and fresh haystacks, we could tell the harvest celebrations must be imminent in these small communities. While snacking at the impromptu mobile cappuccino stand, Eduardo’s, he played loud energetic music just right for hikers and everyone was dancing away happily. 

Afterwards we stopped in Los Arcos to see the 12th century Iglesia de Santa Maria cathedral, known for its sculpture of a black Mary with blue eyes, inscribed in Latin “I am black but beautiful “. Unfortunately, in 1947 they refurbished the statue in white?!?

After a long afternoon in the sun, we approached our weekly indulgence in a Hostal. Wonderful private room with cold beer and a balcony upon which to hang our laundry, such luxury!

Hasta luego,


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3 Responses to Hostelario del KoolAid.  Villamayor to Torres del Rio, 20 km.

  1. winewoodln says:

    Beautiful pictures. Was the last one of room service? If so it sounds like you deserved it. Bruno says the pincho looks like banderilla, a pepper, onion, olives, cheese on a skewer. Delicious.

    • Laysan says:

      If you mean by room service that I went down to the bar and brought it back to Kathleen, then yes she deserved it. And the banderillas were delicious. Slow to leave the Hostal, maybe walking by 9!

  2. sandie says:

    Hope there is a way to discourage fellow travelers from the Jim Jones albergue!!!!! Glad you got out of there. Nice to have the hostel treat each week. You are a good man getting the beer and bringing it back. Hope your ankle is getting stronger.
    We are in Lisbon. Big city, way nice to not be driving. Saw some Fado last night. Great singer, awesome guitar players. Yet, darn it, she was singing in Portuguese.
    Enjoy the new day. Love you.

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