A Short Day by Camino Standards. Villatuerta to Villamayor de Monjardin 13.2 km

After our most excellent paella dinner with “mas vino, por favor”, we had a late morning start, actually we were the last pilgrims to depart. The plan was for a short day in hopes that John’s ankle strain would continue to improve.

With that thought in mind, we started our walk without a reservation for the night. To reserve or not to reserve is an ongoing question. On one hand, if you reserve ahead, there is no worry about finding a bed for the night. The problem is a reservation commits us to a certain number of miles which may either be too many or not enough. However, no reservation is a problem when we pull into town at 5:00 or 6:00 pm and hope to find an opening. 

Today, in our continuing attempt to hit a happy medium, we left with no reservation but a plan to stop at 1:00 pm at a small town with a 25 bed albergue located in an old monastery. We arrived at 1:30 and a line of hot, sweaty pilgrims sat outside of the closed albergue. 

The instructions told us to line our packs up and the door would open at 3:00. Since the next town was about six miles, we opted for the line up. By 3:00, there were more pilgrims than there were beds. Fortunately, the bedless were offered spots at the next village, complete with a car shuttle. Nice! 

So we have spent our afternoon, washing clothes, chatting with the fellow pilgrims, and drinking our free wine that we picked up from the Monasterio Irache! What a country! 

Tomorrow, we will confront the mileage, reservation, bed conundrum again and head out for another Camino day. -K

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4 Responses to A Short Day by Camino Standards. Villatuerta to Villamayor de Monjardin 13.2 km

  1. winewoodln says:

    I’ve found a “hot spot” in Yellowstone (get the joke?). I’m catching up on your posts. They are wonderful and the pictures look amazing. Sounds like you are finding good food and wine. I love Spain. You are making good progress. Shorter days sound like a good idea. Don’t go to fast I have to get to Ponferrada before you. We are headed home tomorrow, after several days of beautiful snow we return to 90 degree temps in Texas. Buen Camino.

    • Laysan says:

      I’m not sure about the good progress, but thanks for the encouragement. John and I are constantly in awe of your Camino, you made it look a lot easier than it has been so far. But we are having a good time and hanging in there. Although I must admit for tonight, after a long, hot 20 km day, we opted for a reserved room with private shower. We haven’t left the room since our 3:30 pm arrival!

  2. sandie says:

    Sounding like you are somewhat finding a rhythm. Wonderful to see the views and trail. We talked more tonight about setting up blog. What was the site you used? Seems like a way better way to keep our journal. Trained up from south coast of Portugal to Lisbon today. Now this is a big city. Plan on just staying in old part of town and exploring it. Love you, Sandie

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