All roads lead to Rome unless you’re going the other way. Obanos to Villatuerta 20.2 km

Leaving Obanos, we pass through Puente la Reina named for its 12th century bridge over the river Arga, and walk on. Mostly pastoral countryside today where the village homes still have armorial crests the Knights of Templar crusades era of influence and protection in this region. The path along the Roman road is marked by olives, almonds, and grapes, which we sample surreptitiously.

Note: olives need to be rinsed nine times and brined before they taste marvelous, therefore not so good off the tree. Almonds, however taste like nothing ever before experienced; it was amazing to pull them, crack them with a rock, and bite into an explosion of bitter vanilla clove and cinnamon all at once that might have numbed my mouth. Possibly dangerous but these are the simple entertainments for a walking traveler.

Jamon y queso, Roman style. 

Evidently the Romans didn’t have bicycles. 

Struggling into Villaruerta, we have accumulated 100 km thus far with another 700 to go. It still seems like a long way and I am now familiar with shin splints as well as fatigue. But after a fine giant paella dinner with interesting people at our albergue, La Casa Magica, renewed enthusiasm may spur us forward tomorrow. Until then, hasta luego. 


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4 Responses to All roads lead to Rome unless you’re going the other way. Obanos to Villatuerta 20.2 km

  1. Sybil Saito says:

    LOVE your blog and the pictures … but OMG that paella serves how many people????! Worth the walk to get it!

  2. sandie says:

    Yes, the paella does look fantastic. Is is black still in that region? Interesting that you feel shin splints, thought that was more or speed walking. Nice to see boots off for lunch. Will have to try an almond off tree sometime. You make it sound pretty good. Let me know if you got a tummy ache!! Enjoy the new day tomorrow. Sandie

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