Pamplona, a day of rest

Our first zero day, we stay over another night in Pamplona to see the sights and soothe the sore muscles. It is a medieval walled and cobblestone street city with a vibrant center full of locals and tourists enjoying the pinxtos (elaborate sandwiches) at the tapas bars late into the night.  We made an earnest effort to participate, although our albergue sleeping pods beckon us back.

Known for its running of the bulls into the Plaza de Toros, I’m reminded of Kathleen and Penny traveling here as twenty somethings years ago.  Steve and I have spent many evenings listening to them recount their adventures before our times.  Fortunately for all of us, they watched this terrifying spectacle from the sidelines. 

After more pinxtos tonight, we resume the walk in the morning. 


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3 Responses to Pamplona, a day of rest

  1. Steve J Noufer says:

    I have heard those stories. The tapas look tasty.

  2. Laysan says:

    We’re chasing the memories again Steve, but this time I get to be here. Wish you were as well.

  3. sandie says:

    Bet it was nice to have the boots off for a day. That is an elaborate sandwich. I like walled cities, so much easier to walk around. Also looks like John has broke out a sweater I did not see in Cadaques. Enjoying your posts. Love you, Sandie

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