Good to go, or enough already


image4IMG_3390IMG_3388IMG_4027Enough is not a word found on the Captain’s pre-departure checklist, but that was the agreed upon sentiment after a week at the dock running up all the systems on Laysan and provisioning for three months off the grid. Olympia is one of our favorite cities, with marine supplies, a bakery, a craft beer tap room, and a farmers market all within walking distance of the dock. But despite these obvious attractions, eventually it’s just time to go, and today was the day.

One thing I learned, is it is not easy to burp a Diesel engine. Unlike a baby, there is no patting, bouncing, or mini-Heimlich maneuver to get the air out after a coolant exchange. Glug glug, you just can not force feed the recalcitrant fluid until the air bubbles rise to the bleed ports, or it will run hot immediately. Nonetheless, I love engine day almost as much as grease day, and baby Iveco and I came out feeling much better after all.

It was a tight squeeze getting out of the slip, and we had to back down the long fairway steering with the bow thruster; fortunately it was no wind, no current, and most importantly, no touch, my favorite. Then within a couple of hours, we were anchored at Hope Island, a state marine park with hiking tails through old growth forest, and the cruise north has begun. The Pacific High pressure system has moved in early this year for unseasonably warm days (the locals call 70’s warm), and clear views of Mount Ranier, so there is nothing to complain about here.

The plan is to cruise by Seattle next week, and then up to the San Juans and into Canada by early June. Destination is unknown, with the intent to explore beyond the Salish Sea into the Broughton Islands, inching ever closer toward Alaska. We will see.

All the best to our friends and family out there.  Be well and stay in touch.

John and Kathleen

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6 Responses to Good to go, or enough already

  1. Sybil Saito says:

    Safe travels – keep on posting!

  2. sandie says:

    I can get where enough is all you can do. Glad you are on the way. The few days in Banbridge for Kathleen will be interesting. Her being the Captain will be different. Hope you enjoy it Kathleen. Talked a bit with Julia and we have an evening with her on the 4th. She is coming here just to leave the next morning escorting her students to Oahu. Then taking them to Camp Timberline. I remember being there with you many years ago. I know there was a baby on your back and I am not sure if Julia had arrived yet or not. Probably have pictures somewhere. Anyway, always like reading your blog and knowing how it is going. Love you.

  3. Steve says:

    Look forward to hearing of your adventures this summer. Aloha Steve

  4. james r langworthy says:

    Kathleen and John, Sounds like a great summer. We are off to China on June 1st till July 12, and will go to Michigan the first two weeks of Aug. I don’t know if I told you, but I have 35 acres of woodland along the Sturgeon River in the Northern aspect of the lower peninsula. This spring, I planted 2000 White Pines as well as a lessor number of Red Maples, But Oaks and Crab Apples.

    You are living the marine aspect of my fantasy, so keep up the posts, and I will enjoy vicariously.
    James Langworthy

  5. sadieharvey says:

    I often say enough is enough and plow onward. I’m glad to hear you have done the same. Have a great journey. I look forward to joining the fun as crewmen 1.5 in August. Be safe.

  6. Laura Thielen says:

    OK, it’s been nearly a month since you posted. Get on it already. We want to hear what you’re up to. Some of us are living vicariously through you.

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