Salish Sea Summary

Looking  out the window at ridiculously perfect weather with palm trees and rainbows, I’m still wondering why we’re not on the boat, but the realities of early retirement necessitate replenishment of the so-called cruising kitty, and that means work. Not a bad gig really, and I enjoy the medicine and the patients, and besides, the weather in Seattle was turning into that cold gray wet they call winter, not very nice at all.
The often asked question:”What do you do all day”, is answered zen-simply, “Read, dinghy, walk, dinghy, repeat.”, with an occasional moment of wheel gripping shrieks in the middle of boat setting currents or gale force wind gusts. Family and friends rotated through Laysan this summer exploring the first and second stages of Pacific Northwest cruising, i.e. the San Juans and Desolation Sound. We generally spent a half day running followed by three days at anchor, not setting any speed records, but rather learning and relaxing our way into a familiarity with the PNW. Next year perhaps a longer leap north, and then a similar slowdown in new and interesting surrounds. Will we ever make it to Alaska? Or more importantly, will we ever catch a salmon? Not sure, but maybe close enough to see it soon anyway, and Kathleen will not give up on her quest for free fish.

Salish Sea Summary

June – September, 2016

109 days cruising

19 days at marinas averaging $50/ night

90 nights at anchor, 82%, all free.

1055 miles, 193 engine hours

344 gallons diesel at 1.8 gph, plus 106 genset and diesel heater hours, for an additional 100 gallons.
That totals approximately 450 gallons for transportation and comfort over four months of cruising, and the fillup at Anacortes was our best bargain yet at $2.18/gallon. The only two mechanicals that occurred with minor delays were the genset exhaust and the outboard carburetor. Miscellaneous painting, varnishing, and system adjustments kept the tool bag nearby, and altogether made Laysan look even better at the end of the trip.

Although this summary was a bit of a late entry into the blog, all is well at home and work in Hawaii. And with much assistance from son Connor, we have compiled a video of the people and places we enjoyed together. While Laysan sleeps in Olympia, we’re all looking forward to next year.

All the best,


Here is the link to our video:


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3 Responses to Salish Sea Summary

  1. Mike Powers says:

    Great video! Thanks for sharing.

  2. winewoodln says:

    This is a great reminder of a wonderful summer on this cold January day. I’m looking forward to more adventures.

  3. sandie says:

    Thanks Connor for helping put the video together. What a great summer you had and the gray, wet, cold does make it time for exiting. Hawaii is not a bad place to replenish.

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