Salish Sea 2016

Salish Sea 2016
Awake, alert, enthusiastic!
After a Hawaiian winter working-season, where we dutifully served part time in the old offices, the lovely Kathleen and I arrived in Olympia to finish the pre-season checklist for Laysan. Recently hauled and bottom painted, Laysan looked sleek and ready to perform in the Pacific Northwest with as many of the family as could plan to join us in this land of big trees, blue skies, impressive tides and swift currents, and most importantly, flat water(we hope).

Due to a combination of celestial factors beyond our control, June has some of the highest and lowest tides of the year, and the range on these days around here exceeds 17 vertical feet. Yikes! Only make the Costco grocery provisioning runs on high tide, or face the gangway like a ski jumper. Also, this means at a low low negative tide, we only have five feet of water at our slip and Laysan’s pretty red bottom is nestled in the muck. No way to leave at that point, but there is certainly not much motion in the boat for our semi-circular canal challenged friends.

As it always seems when preparing for a passage or cruise, the checklist items need more and more attention until we find ourselves tasking through twelve hour days. But as Buster said on TV, some days you just have to push right through nap time. And we did find the great Oly Taproom just down the dock for our allotted one beer of the day when the work whistle finally blew. And then, on a high tide and a breezy morning, we warped out of our tight little slip with a nod to our friends on the dock helping swing Laysan’s reluctant stern into the fairway and we were away!

So here we go, through the Salish Sea, which includes Puget Sound, San Juan Islands, Gulf Islands, Desolation Sound, and the Inside Passage of BC for as long as we and the machinery desire. Wish us luck and we will keep you posted.
All the best.

Thanks for listening,


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11 Responses to Salish Sea 2016

  1. Steve Noufer says:

    Love the posts. Keep them coming.

  2. Deana D. Karas says:

    That sounds like a trip I would love! Take lots of pictures!

  3. Don Harvey says:

    Sounds like another awesome adventure. Looking forward to enjoying the trip through your posts.

  4. sandie says:

    Sounds like a great summer. We are in NYC for 3 weeks, then Montreal for the jazz fest.
    Need to do better about being in touch. We could have crossed paths pretty easy. Hoping to use a home exchange, Kaneohe, in January. Sure hope you will be on island then. Have fun and love the posts.

    • Laysan says:

      Sandie and Joe,
      Sorry to have missed you in Seattle. Montreal jazz will definitely be a good thing. See you in January on Oahu, finally!

  5. Laura Thielen says:

    I love living vicariously through you guys. Tom and I are planning a road trip in November in the southwest. What were your favorite spots when you went this spring?

    • Laysan says:

      Hi Laura,
      My new favorite is Capitol Reef, and Kathleen might say Chaco Canyon. But keep it secret, or they will get as crowded as our old favorite, Arches!

  6. Julie Noyes says:

    Awesome! Welcome back to the NW!

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