We Have A Go For Tuesday!

We spoke to our weather router today and he used phrases like “favorable conditions” and “near ideal”; I take this with a grain of salt but hope for the best. He said that a rhumb line from Makapuu Lighthouse to the Straits of Juan de Fuca will traverse 2275 nautical miles. If we manage to make our anticipated 5.5 knots, we will make the passage in 17 days and 6 hours. I hope for the best on that as well. At any rate, we plan to depart Tuesday by noon, out the Ala Wai Channel, turn east to Koko Head, take a turn around Makapuu Point, crash through the Molokai Channel and then turn on the auto pilot for a straight line to the mainland.

John, Sarah, Naomi, and I have been clocking in 14+ hour days running our lists and checking them off with glee; take charts to boat – check, fuel up with 1600 gallons of diesel – check, attach plexi glass windows over the salon windows – check, attach difficult rolly accessory 125 gallon fuel bladder to the front deck – check (we call it the “baby”; we have to keep it cool, burp it of air, and make sure it’s not going anywhere), tie down the anchor for rough seas – check, weather router report for a “go no go” – check……and so the lists progress.

This posting is also part of the checking process, it will be the first blog posted by email. If successful, I will start posting via our Inmarsat SAT phone; beamed from me to an orbiting satellite to you, amazing. I am attaching photos of our daily work; with luck I may get to post the occasional photo at sea as well. Until the satellite post, take care. Kathleen

Practicing with the sea anchor (a safety drill in case of ridiculously big seas (not expected)).

Working with the baby diesel fuel bladder, a kind of Baby Huey with gas.

Sarah doing a trapeze act without a net attaching the 20# plexi glass over the salon windows.

John in his quiet place, the lazarette.

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6 Responses to We Have A Go For Tuesday!

  1. Phil Olsen says:

    John & Crew:
    Fair winds & steady star…

  2. Steve says:

    As I sit in my office, I look forward to hearing of the Laysan and her crew’s adventures. Like the Starship Enterprise?

  3. Sybil Saito says:

    Safe travels my friends – it’ll be a great adventure. Where’s your port of landing???

    • Laysan says:

      Thank you Sybil! The first landfall is Neah Bay, Washington; a tiny harbor run by the Makah Native Americans. Our first real town should be Port Townsend.

  4. Laura Thielen says:

    Port Townsend is a great place. When can we sign up to rendezvous with you in the northwest?

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