Goodbye to Hawaii

And so it begins, again….. Our plan has always been to continue the passage across the Pacific to the cool, grey blue islands of the Northwest.  We became enamored with the area after our first ever cruise with Brian and Jenny McCutcheon along Vancouver Island in 2003. The fascination with the Northwest continued in 2006 when we rented the Widgeon, a 35′ trawler, and soloed around the San Juan Islands with all our little kids hanging off the sides in their ill fitting life jackets.  The tale of the Laysan build in Zhuhai, China and the subsequent passage to Hawaii in 2011 is told in this blog. Now, after experiencing the roiling waters of the Hawaiian Islands for the past four years, I am ready for the quiet coves, the mirrored waters, the still reflection of pine covered mountains that I remember from all of those years ago….. Serenity.

Ahh, but now for the reality. Laysan is four years older than when we first came from China in the fall of 2011 and it goes without saying, John and I are now four years older too.  Since early June, we have been working everyday on the boat in anticipation of a July 25, 2015 departure to Washington.IMG_4783  I refer to it as a biblical experience because our first list begets the second list, which begets the third list and so on down the endless list generations.

Now that it is officially July, I am getting a bit nervous.  As it stands today, we have no dinghy since the original Dingers the Seapony literally came unglued; a new one is being shipped from California.  The Parsuns dinghy outboard is sputtering grey smoke so we sent it for a makeover in a neighborhood of Kailua.  Laysan is inoperable since the engine exhaust system is torn down with a large stainless steel part being fabricated in the depths of Kalihi.  IMG_4806We are missing our weather electronics; they are in shipment from Oregon.  We have no charts; they are in the post from Bellingham.  We have no fourth crewmember, no third for that matter, since the last we heard of Sarah, she was following Julia on a 63-mile journey into the heart of the Bob Marshall Wilderness. On a positive note, the rigging man finally came around, spider-like in our shrouds giving our mast, stays, and sails a clean bill of health.IMG_4790

Despite our relentless commitment, we still have not touched the communications systems, the actual route planning, or the provisioning for the anticipated 21-day passage; there is even some question in my mind that I remember how to post this blog.IMG_4794

Yet following the advice of Woody Allen that “80% of success is just showing up”, we will be back at the boat tomorrow.

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8 Responses to Goodbye to Hawaii

  1. Julie Noyes says:

    Hi, glad to hear from you again. I’m living on my 41ft CT ketch in Newport, Oregon and working as an OR nurse in Newport. I retire in Feb and plan on keeping the boat here for now. Floating docks, spa, pool, workout room, etc. for $3350/yr. Once I do the upkeep, I’m thinking of having someone sail me up to the San Juans or Juneau or both for the summer. I got the boat in the divorce.

  2. Warren Sambell says:

    John and Kathleen,
    Looked for you in Valdez,Seward and Homer on the way up to Denali last year.Then saw your prop repitch post and headed inland. Wish we could have repitched our 38′ Tiffin land schooner for a +1mpg gain! With 10K return on the speedo to Texas that savings would have bought some burgers in Honolulu!
    Fair winds on your crossing!
    Warren & Deb Sambell

  3. Steve Noufer says:

    Keep the updates coming. Very interested. Steve

  4. Sybil Saito says:

    OKay – not sure how to respond other than ask directly – your eventual sail to the northwest is … just a trip – right? OR are you moving???! Didn’t realize it’s been such a long time since we saw each other. Keep the posts coming – holler if you need more deck hands. Sybil

  5. Penny Noufer says:

    It’s a good thing you two are so competent! Looking forward to the blog. Love, Penny

  6. Naomi says:

    Laysan and her crew are going to love the PNW and Alaska!! So glad to hear you are making the journey. Not sure if you received my email last week. I’ll try again. Naomi

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