The Year Of Living Nautically

One year ago to the day since leaving the factory in Zhuhai, China in a cool breeze on the Pearl River, now on January 21, 2012, we prepared in the dark for the dawn arrival of Laysan in Honolulu. VHF radio contact with John and Naomi was reassuring as they held offshore overnight waiting for first light to make the approach to Ala Wai harbor and our slip at the Waikiki Yacht Club. Our daughter Julia paddled out in the kayak to share the water with Laysan, to hear the rumble of the engine, and give the first wave of the homecoming. Connor positioned his deck chair on the finger dock to give them the signal, while simultaneously munching a donut. Kathleen and I watched the channel with our friend Stefan, and as the sun rose, the unmistakeable profile of a Seahorse Diesel Duck 462 Sedan trundled into Honolulu with John and Naomi waving from the flybridge. Incredible.

Tied up and shut down, the impassable gulf of one foot of water lay between us as we waited for the official formalities of Customs, Immigration, and Quarantine to finish. Quickly enough the kind officials were done and we rejoiced together in the end of our delivery across the Pacific.

One year to the day, 6000 miles across the South China Sea, Philippine Sea, and Pacific Ocean, all done with aplomb and grace, in a boat built by Bill and Stella, and dreamed by Kathleen and I. Thank you one and all.

And now starts the age of Laysan in Honolulu.


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10 Responses to The Year Of Living Nautically

  1. Jarmes R Langworthy says:

    Wow, what a story. I am eager to see Laysan.
    J Langworthy

  2. Barbara says:

    Congratulations!! So wonderful to know that your lovely boat has made its journey to you with all safe and now sound! Enjoy!!! Blaine and Barbara

  3. penny says:

    congratulations on the triumphant arrival of laysan to her home base. she looks at home among the palm trees and rainbow. love, penny

  4. Steve Noufer says:

    Congratulations! can’t wait to see Laysan. Good timing on the 1 year mark. Many adventures ahead I suspect. Perhaps a visit to Honolua Bay this summer?

  5. Sybil Saito says:

    Welcome to your new home Laysan! Your family has been waiting for you … Boy – just like the arrival of a new baby to the Douglas family. An auspicious day – it was Paul’s birthday and just before the Chinese New Year! Congratulations.

  6. John E. Douglas says:

    Well done! Grandpa

  7. Nola & Dave Fremont says:

    Nola and Dave Fremont
    Congratulations, We are pleased that Naomi and our son John, could contribute in bringing Laysan home. We were at first apprehensive of their accepting the challenge, however they assured us that Layson was extremely well designed and equipped, for such a voyage. We hope the Douglas family has many years of cruising on their fine ship

  8. Julie and Charlie Noyes says:

    Hallelujah!! What a beautiful sight! Did you get a permanent slip at AlaWai?

  9. Nola & Dave Fremont says:

    Congratulations, We are proud that Naomi and our son John could contribute to bringing Laysan home. We have followed Laysan’s travels, the past few months, a fine ship, we wish you years of cruising. Nola and Dave Fremont.

  10. Congratulations on your homecoming. We followed the passage on John & Naomi’s blog, and you have one beautiful vessel there. Happy Spring and Aloha to you! Here’s to some great cruising in 2012.

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