Nearing The Half Way Point

John and Naomi have been hard at work aboard Laysan for the past 10 days. Headwinds of up to 35 knots and wave heights ranging up to 4 meters have conspired to slow their progress. The La Nina year is translating into a challenge. Despite less than expected speed, reports of day-to-day life on the open sea have been encouraging. “The ride is comfortable, we’re doing great, and all is well aboard.” “Beautiful full moon last night…hopefully again tonight.”

In order to check the prop and determine if it is fouled, Laysan is likely to stop at Johnston Atoll for a brief respite. The weather forecaster anticipates improving conditions in the next week which will hopefully translate into increased speed for the second half of the voyage. The latest ETA puts Laysan into Honolulu in 13 days and 15 hours.

For daily position reports, check out the link for Laysan (V73TN) at Yotreps.

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One Response to Nearing The Half Way Point

  1. penny says:

    yes, but…any spotting of the red footed booby? any moonlight serenades by faint chords of an orchestra? any appreciation of opposing digits?, anything being very clinical in appearance? glad you’re back safe and sound…..miss those profound posts.

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