Laysan Is On The Move

Laysan’s sojourn in Majuro has come to an end. We have received word today that our delivery crew, John and Naomi of Campbell River, BC of the S/V Renova, have departed Majuro bound for Honolulu. Through the magic of “the tubes”, we hope to have daily updates of their progress. For now, I will provide lat/long coordinate as available. Perhaps when I find the time, I will try some map renditions of the route. Our weatherman is predicting a transit of 18 days and 12 hours.

For more information on John and Naomi’s voyages, checkout Renova’s website.

Good luck and smooth sailing to John, Naomi, and Laysan.

December 31, 2011
0500 UTC
7 22.44 N 171 42.97 E

John and Naomi Aboard Laysan

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1 Response to Laysan Is On The Move

  1. Charlie and Julie Noyes says:

    Welcome home! Happy New Year! good luck to John and Naomi. I look forward to meeting them next year in Kewalo Basin.


    Kewalo Basin Harbor

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