Is this really the end?

It is now a few days into the new reality, and aside from culture shock, jet lag, Christmas, strange sensory distortions of constantly hearing the engine, recurrent spontaneous 2:am awakenings for my night watch that isn’t anymore, and an odd smile that keeps reappearing on my face, all is moving along relatively smoothly. To paraphrase Don Juan: sometimes life turns it’s headlights on, sometimes it turns them off. You never quite know what is coming.

We all left the boat a few days ago, Brian and Jenny first on Monday, then Kathleen and I flew out of Majuro on Wednesday. After consideration of the situation, we just could not extend our time further and therefore ended our cruise in Majuro. Arriving at home in the dark early morning to find our kids asleep in the living room so they would greet us as soon as we walked in the door was absolutely priceless.

Laysan is in excellent hands with a delivery couple, John and Naomi, from Campbell River, BC. They have been cruising aboard S/Y Renova in the South Pacific a couple of years, and are completely capable and willing to take care of Laysan a few weeks and then begin the final leg delivery trip to Honolulu. We will be awaiting them on the dock in January.

Gearhead summary: October 22, Subic Bay, PI to December 4, Majuro, RMI, 44 days, 3383 miles, engine hours 749.6, engine fuel totalizer 1635.6 gallons, 2.18 gph, 2.06 mpg, 4.5 kts. Mechanical issues: 2 oil changes, 2 Racor 500 changes, transmission fluid changed, hydraulic steering leak repaired, AIS antenna repositioned, Maretron WSO 100 replaced, fresh water accumulator tank leaked and removed, water maker air lock leak repaired, genset fuse terminal broken and replaced, 2 led and one halogen light replaced. Weather was benign in the Philippines, deteriorating east of Palau with headwinds 20 kts and gusts over 40, seas 2-3 meters with occasional 4-5 meter white toothed combers, but no green water over the bow, just impressive spray up and over the pilothouse. Paravanes deployed all the time at sea with observed change of -0.5 kts; sails were great on a broad reach from San Bernadino to Palau with + 1kt, but sails furled all other legs due to headwind. All together, a safe and sound passage.

A 2 month cruise with friends and a great boat makes for lifetime memories. I have been to the next life, brother, and it is good. May we all get to delve into our dream.

Thanks again to everyone who helped along and followed along.
All the best for the holidays,

John Douglas
M/Y Laysan
December, 2011

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4 Responses to Is this really the end?

  1. penny says:

    it ’twas a pleasure to follow along. live the dream. glad you’re both back safe and sound. love, penny

  2. penny says:

    p.s. ’tis not the end, but the beginning of more adventures to come.

  3. Sybil Saito says:

    Welcome home!!!! What an awesome experience you had – thank you for letting us live your adventures with you.

  4. Robert Hess says:

    Glad to hear the crew of the good ship Layson is safely home. Thanks for allowing us to take part in your adventure. Gay and I are waiting for the book and movie rights to be announced! We are proud of you for pushing way beyond the usual envelope. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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