Four days out of Pohnpei with four days to go for Majuro, we are ready to say halfway to somewhere. There is nobody out here; no AIS, no radar contact, no lights, no land. We had hoped to see at least one other cruising boat at sea, but the numbers are small. One statistic of interest is that only 25 cruising boats a year visit Pohnpei. Come on yachties, it’s a great place, with a quiet anchorage, great scenery, waterfalls and mysterious ruins. Well, anyway, we meet a few cruisers in the destinations; we just do not see them out at sea.

Our days are spent lazily reading, playing Blokus board game, fishing, and a lot of looking out the window wishing the wind and waves would decrease so that we could make a 100 mile day again. At Majuro, we will have come 3300 miles from Subic, with only 2000 more to go for Honolulu. According to the great circle sailing routes, Manila to Los Angeles via Hawaii is 6500 miles, so I can say we have crossed half the distance of the Pacific ocean. Not bad for our M/Y Laysan and the crew of four.

Now we must consider the timeline versus the course line. Two months at sea and a wealth of experiences are still swirling into our memories. The considerations of land life, i.e. the day job, are beginning to loom into view. Alternatives are few. Do we stop or do we go?

Brian and Jenny have been excellent crew, great friends, and I remain indelibly impressed with their assistance on this project. Kathleen is the best person ever. She has organized, analyzed, accounted, and tirelessly stood watch over and over. I love her.

We all want to be home for Christmas. We miss our kids. This dilemma of timeline vs course line requires a layover for Laysan in Majuro. Fortunately, there is a mooring field and a yachting community to watch over the boat. Additionally, we are looking for a delivery crew to sail the last leg to Honolulu. This is certainly a disappointment for all of us to not quite finish the trip as planned, but the realities are inescapable. As we say: always re-evaluate the situation in light of new information.

All those that have helped us with this delivery, grandparents, friends, partners, are all very much appreciated. Thank you.

Sun is rising soon. We will see what the day brings.

All the best,


0430 local
1730 UTC, 11/28/11
7 08.43 N 163 47.24 E

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5 Responses to Halfway

  1. Steve Noufer says:

    Wow, that’s a bummer. If you kept going, when would you arrive in HNL? Like you said, though you have to re evaluate given new info.

  2. penny says:

    Your great marriages and friendship withstood the test of the seas and close confinement. Don’t blame you for cutting off the last leg of the trip. Life at home beckons, I’m sure. I’m awed by all you accomplished. love, penny

  3. Janet says:

    I love that John put for all to see “I love her”. That just melts my heart when real men do that. Thank you for taking care of Jenny & Brian. We look forward to hearing about your adventures, both high and low.

  4. Wendy Atherden says:

    I’m going to miss the eager anticipation of hearing where you are, weather conditions etc.
    These last 2 months will be revisited in your minds forever . You have all done remarkably well so congratulations.

  5. JAD says:

    Christmas is over-rated and happens every year, to boot. Impress those kids into service and spend the holiday at sea, if need be.

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