Pohnpei Images







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3 Responses to Pohnpei Images

  1. penny says:

    you had the most beautiful boat in the bay. glad you’re getting to be landlubbers for awhile. like that you’re taking a break in a speed boat. you all still look years younger, so the life of a yachtie fits you well. no “does it float” game this t’day for us, but you’ll have easy access for the game. happy thanksgiving. miss you two. love, penny

  2. Wendy Atherden says:

    Great to see the beautiful scenery of Pohnpei. I have printed them all off on “glossy”.No doubt you are all feeling both regretful and happy about this being your last leg. It has been so interesting to follow your adventures. Jenny, hope there is no sea-sickness this time!

  3. Laureen Blane says:

    What a beautiful place. It appears to be so tranquil. I guess in the middle of the Pacific, a small island like Pohnpei is a secret retreat for those that know about it. Day to day life sounds very simple but relaxing with no stress.
    Enjoy your expeditions and sight-seeing tours. Looking forward to your stories Jenny and Brian when we all meet up at Deb and Alan’s for dinner.

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