Arrived Pohnpei


We crossed the Sokeh’s Channel at 9am between breakers on either side with horse manes of spray blown back by the wind. A patient of mine had sent out his grandson to guide us in since we had some well found anxiety about the accuracy of our chart plotter. It had shown a AIS target freighter sitting in town on land near the airport, not likely. They say the islands were displaced by the difficulty of longitudinal measurement…200 years ago.

Oliver waved us in and we wove our way through the reef with multiple dog leg turns right up to the commercial wharf. Shut down at 930 and we went through the usual visits with customs, immigration, quarantine, and then took on 650 gallons of diesel while we were at the pump. We moved to the quiet protected mangrove lined cove with a few other yachties who came over to see the new boat and say hi. After days of discussing our first favorite meal to eat out after 15 days at sea, a short walk up the hill to the Rusty Anchor for hamburger and fries with a beer for everyone. Just great.

All are well. Anchored near Kolonia, Pohnpei, FSM.
As the man once said: “Thankyou Thankyou, we’ll be here all week.”


6 57.64N
158 12.07E
1030 11/21 UTC


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3 Responses to Arrived Pohnpei

  1. MARTIN BORDELON / DD462-1 says:

    John,nice driving job for 14 days.

    Enjoy your week of rest.

  2. Dean says:

    Congratulations on a safe arrival. I have been following you in those heavy seas. The anchorage and the torturous path through the reef sound a lot like what we experienced arriving in Aitataki in the northern Cook Islands just a few months ago. Dean

  3. Steve Noufer says:

    Love following your adventure. When do you folks leave Phonpei?

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