Pohnpei Arrival Within The Next Sixteen Hours


We have been at sea for fourteen days, slogging across 1,417 miles of Pacific Ocean. Headwinds up to 30 knots have been a constant companion accompanied by waves up to fifteen feet. Currently, we are 46 miles off Pohnpei. The irony is that after pushing as hard as possible, we must now slow down in order to reach the Sokehs Passage in the daylight. The channel entry has been described that “GREAT care should be used on the entrance both through the outer reef and navigating into Kolonia Harbor. The lights and marker sticks are confusing and the passageway is convoluted. Do not attempt this at night.” We are fast learners on this front, and we do not need to be told twice about night time entries.

With luck and a little internet, photos will be posted on the blog within a few days. We will keep you apprised of our arrival.


November 20, 2011
UTC 4:30
Local time 2:30 (we think)
Position 07 09.37 N 157 24.79 E

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3 Responses to Pohnpei Arrival Within The Next Sixteen Hours

  1. Jarmes R Langworthy says:

    After coming into Honolulu harbor after dark, where I had come in many times, I know what you are talking about. Wait untill you have good light.

    James Langworthy

  2. Barbara says:

    Enjoy a time to change pace and wait til sunrise. You all need a good massage on the beach, a beer or margarita and a meal cooked by someone serving you on a silver platter!

  3. sydney says:

    Have you been through the passage yet. Not sure exactly where you are but will look it up. Happy US Thanksgiving. We have a huge group of 21 here(Calif). Not really sure how we will do it but it will be fun!
    Will we see you at the bay over the Christmas holidays?

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