Simian Lethargy


These last few days can be characterized as energetic seas and lethargic crew. Pushing east into 20+ knot headwinds with the steep waves running 4 meters (12-15’) or more just does not allow for a relaxing series of yoga positions in the morning. Being eye to eye with the white topped combers means the view is sometimes all sky as you pitch up, and then all water as you go down the backside into the trough and then the big splash. It does have a rhythm, though. And the autopilot gets into the act with its staccato percussive bit trying to hold the heading. Add the occasional bang of a flying fish hitting the boat sides and it is all sounding like that amazing drum solo from Woodstock, only on a tilting stage with salt spray everywhere.

All this action in the environment makes me very appreciative of my thumbs. Without the opposing digits to grab the handholds, life here would be much more difficult. We move through the boat like a spider monkey clan hanging and swinging from place to place. A hoofed animal would have a hard time. I guess that is why you don’t see many horses boating.

Hang on and wait. It makes for long days and a sleepiness can set in. It is not that bad really. We are inside and dry. We have good chairs with seatbelts. And we have ice tea. What else could we need?

So as it begins to quiet down, we look forward to our arrival in Pohnpei in 3 days. That will make this passage the longest yet at 14 days for 1455 miles. After fuel and rest, we contemplate the next leg to Majuro. All are well aboard Laysan. Thanks for following along with us.


November 17, 2011
UTC 18:30
Local time 04:30
07 46.46 N 153. 02.64 E


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5 Responses to Simian Lethargy

  1. penny says:

    14 days in the middle of the deserted ocean…”what else could we need?”…love that quote; shows life is all in the attitude. and i’m sure all of you needed mental toughness for this leg of the trip. the red footed boooby is the metaphor for each of you…bravely meandering where humans and birds rarely go. kudos to each of you. landfall soon. love, penny

  2. JAD says:

    BZ. Glad all is well.

  3. Deana D. Karas says:

    This is the part where I would be requesting a helicopter…I’m a big ole chicken when it comes to the ocean. Seeing a wave at eye level of a big boat would put me over the edge. Are you guys still getting sea sick? On the other hand, seeing a red footed booby would make it all worth while. Well, almost. Add the ghost to it and I’d stay. Any UFO sightings? How about a USO? Columbus saw both on his voyage to America! Kathleen, you are one heck of a writer!

  4. Kehau says:

    As I go about the daily routine of work and now Thanksgiving preparations (and I’m not even hosting), I often pause to think about John and Kathleen and their grand sea adventure. What an inspiration! Jim also follows along and shares a tibit with the family at dinner just in case I’ve missed something. Glad all is well aboard Laysan.

  5. Wendy Atherden says:

    Hi to the brave Crew,
    I can’t even imagine being in 4 meter seas. I would be hunting for the “ejection seat”. I know you have a very seaworthy boat so I guess it is all an adventure

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