Water, Water, Everywhere


Sunday, Day 6 from Palau to Pohnpei.

After a couple of slow days at 3kts SOG, with headwinds 20+ kts and head seas up to 3 meters, we have skirted the low pressure area to our south and are gaining speed (6 kts) and comfort (relative). Pitching and thumping, trying not to be pounding, we waited it out. Now hopefully, the gentler conditions will allow us to recapture some of our lost time. With over 700 miles to Pohnpei, it is still 5-6 days away. We are even considering going direct to Majuro, another 760 miles, and skip Pohnpei. This decision can be postponed for a few days more. Clearing in and out of these countries adds a couple of days and we are still hoping to get home someday. The parameters of the decision will be fuel, fatigue, and the ever unseen mechanical issue.

Water, water, everywhere,
and all the boards did shrink;
Water, water, everywhere,
Nor any drop to drink.

OK, a bit overdramatized, but today I fixed the watermaker. It stopped yesterday with air in the intake side of the high pressure pump. After flushing and priming it has resumed its duties, so we celebrated by taking showers and washing clothes. We are so easily amused. My theory is that it was getting air from the foam under the boat as we splashed through the endless waves of the last two days. It is calmer today, and the Little Wonder 200 is gurgling away. With half tanks at 200 gallons, there was enough to last us a week with a little care, but more is always better.

The big ocean small boat theory. Yesterday we saw only one boat on AIS, but it was 20 miles away, so never did get a visual. When I do get them closer, I always call them out and say “M/Y Laysan is 5 miles off your bow, will maintain course and speed to pass behind you, over” Usually they answer and confirm and occasionally wish us well with “ have a good watch.” Sailor to sailor for a moment aware, then gone. Then I feel just like Lindbergh after he had crossed two oceans, one of water and one of night, and he descended over Ireland just to get a simple wave from his fellow man. It is certainly off the track out here. No land in sight. No airplanes overhead for days. Just Laysan and a crew of four. And satellite email.

Life is good with Kathleen’s tortilla soup going in the crockpot, Jenny’s granola baking in the oven, and we turned on the genset for some AC. All good.


1600 local
0700 11/13/11 utc

lat 09 00.15N
long 145 28.98E


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4 Responses to Water, Water, Everywhere

  1. Barbara says:

    Quite striking as always to read your blog. Hope the calmer seas will restore all. We had some wild winds here in Victoria and the islands with lots of folks having their power knocked out up Island and in Sidney. Folks on the ferry to Vancouver got stuck out in the water for 5 hours with the engines down as well. The captain offered all a free hot drink and dessert and the crew handed out sea sickness bags. (kind of a waste to eat the free dessert!). I suspect it is good to have a compass telling you that you are going in the right direction with no landmarks… Full moon was gorgeous here yesterday evening over the water. Your moons must be amazing with the endless ocean. Cheers! Barbara

  2. Janet says:

    Sounds like you are living in a watery outback. Terry & Alan are off for a windy and rainy golf game, while I rake the endless supply of leaves=mulch.
    Hugs to all,

  3. penny says:

    life’s simple pleasures are the best…i call them “van camps’ moments” in honor of the old pork and beans commercial that touted that phrase. sending you a wave from maui. love, penny

  4. Steve Noufer says:

    Making progress. Interested to plug in your coordinates at your next posting.

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