Swimming In The Sibuyan Sea


Since we have until 8:59 am, Brian, Jenny, and I go to town for a bit of sightseeing. A light rain falls on a bustling small town, kids dressed in uniforms are driven to school on motorized trikes, and the bakeries are open with morning pastries for sale. Known for its marble quarries and marble artisans, Jenny and I find some early morning markets and start our Christmas shopping in earnest. Brian hikes to the top of a hill and looks around the remnants of a Spanish fortress from the 1600’s. Given our Coast Guard deadline, we can not tarry We head back to the harbor, catch our dinghy ride and prepare Laysan for departure.

Choppy seas and grey sky follow us out of Romblon on our way into the Sibuyan Sea. The day gives way to beautiful sunny skies, flat ocean, and a nice breeze as we motor away from Romblon Island. Facing toward the distant Ticao Island, there is no land in view. John announces that the water depth is 4,000’ and claims its deeper than the Atlantic Ocean; without internet we are unable to Google and challenge each other’s random facts. Given the perfect conditions and acclaimed depth, a swim seemed to be in order. We stopped the engine, a bit of a scary silent sound, and jumped in the perfect azure water. I climbed out really quick, gave a look around, then jumped back in again. Incredibly refreshing. Since no shark bites my legs off, I will definitely do it again.

We travel through the night, amazing Milky Way horizon to horizon, shooting stars, a few passing boats, and several flying fish that meet their demise on the decks of Laysan. As the dawn approaches, we see the little town of San Jacinto on Ticao Island. A smoking volcano is in the distance and the banka fishermen are already out in force. We pull in to the small bay and drop anchor at 6:00 am.

GPS Coordinates 12 34.412 N 123 43.769 E
Philippine Time 6:00 am
UTC Time 22:00
October 25, 2011

San Jacinto, Philippines

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4 Responses to Swimming In The Sibuyan Sea

  1. Barbara says:

    Sounds so much more peaceful than your day with the guns.. and beautiful! Jen and Brian, we thought of you at Yoga tonite, joining from distance on deck rather than in the community center! Nameste! to you all … Barbara

  2. janet says:

    Kathleen I adore your descriptive posts and look forward to each one. In fact, I read them several times.
    I would have done exactly the same as you about swimming in The Deep. In, out and in again. As a child I felt the same way about salmon.
    Safe journeys
    Janet and Terry

  3. Wendy Atherden says:


  4. penny says:

    wow. reads like poetry. what a nice contrast to your official greeting at romblon. sounds spectacular and fun.

    not to create a mutiny aboard but to provide you with some fun facts via google: avg. depth of atlantic is 12,254 feet, and pacific is 13,740 feet. deepest part of 2 oceans are trenches: atlantic, puerto rico trench, 28,374 feet , and deepest point in the world is pacific’s mariana trench, 36,201 feet, off mariana islands near japan. the pressure at the deepest part of the mariana trench is 8 tons per square inch….would advise against swimming down there.

    continue to have a fabulous adventure. love, penny

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