Enroute From Subic Bay To Romblon Island

20111102-172537.jpgA smooth departure from Subic Bay after Blaine, once again, climbed the mast to install the Maretron weather station at 6:00 am. Thank you Blaine! On the way out, we had two interesting encounters with the US Navy. The first is when we came too close to a supply ship and we were waived off by a small inflatable who seemed very excited. The second, was a starboard pass by the USS Essex. The ship referred to itself as “Warship 2” but while we eavesdropped on their calls to the Philippine pilot boat we heard reference to the Essex. Curiously, I am reading “In the Heart of the Sea, the Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex”. That cruise did not work out so well when a sperm whale smashed and sank the Essex. The real life event was the source for Moby Dick. I wonder if the Navy is aware of their distant nautical cousin?
We have cruised for the day with no problems. The sail is up and we are making 6.8 to 7.0 knots. The sea is essentially flat and we have all enjoyed the absence of any weather drama. Several banka boats have passed nearby; some trying to sell fish, others just checking us out, but all will wave and smile once we do. Since we departed from Subic a few days later than expected and the weather is extraordinarily nice, we have decided to run through the night without stopping at Puerto Galera. Romblon Town is our destination. The information says it is an old Spanish colonial town, off the beaten path, with lovely markets, narrow streets, and great fishing. We anticipate arrival at Romblon at 2:00 pm. 10/23/11 Philippine time (+8 UTC).

Current coordinates are 14 9.53 N 120 30.68 E
15:18 10/22/11 Philippine time
07:18 10/22/11 UTC


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