14 49.302 N 120 17.245 E


Well it’s time for everyone to learn a bit about latitude and longitude, including myself. Once we are away from Internet, I will not have the luxury of wordiness nor will I be able to send photos. What I hope to send, at the least, are our coordinates. The coordinates in the title are our current position at the Subic Bay Yacht Club. If you go to google map and type those coordinates into the bar at the top and hit search, you should be taken to our exact spot in the world. If you tell Google to do satellite view, you will see the docks at the Subic Bay Yacht Club.

As for our missing part, it arrives today by coconut express. A local customs man helped us get the part out of Manila customs and we have just received word that the package is on the way to Subic. We plan to pick up the package in a couple of hours, Blaine will climb the mast and install, and we will be bound for Puerto Galera. Our plan is to travel through the night and arrive at Puerto Galera tomorrow morning. I have attached a photo of today’s Manila headline, based on our experience trying to send a simple package, “difficult” is an extreme understatement.

Here’s hoping for our imminent departure.


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7 Responses to 14 49.302 N 120 17.245 E

  1. Barbara Fox says:

    Hope your trip goes smoothly. from Jen’s email it sounded like you abandoned waiting for the part and departed. smooth sailing to you all!! Happy Birthday to Brian!!!! it is his birthday here! hugs, Barbara and Blaine

  2. Debra Leonard says:

    Thanks for the google map tip – works a charm. Having lived in Southern Africa I can totally relate to the frustration of bureaucracy – impossible to speed up and it leaves one with the feeling of utter despair. But you are on your way – Bon Voyage and may the wind be at your back! Don’t know whether that saying goes for sailing? Happy Birthday to Brian!

  3. penny says:

    john still looks years younger…so the wait didn’t take too much of a toll. like the exercise ball. will miss your highly descriptive blog and photos. i read the wrong headline in your photo. i read the headline on the ad, “the longer the trip, the better.” both headlines are apt. stay safe. live the dream. love, penny

  4. Sybil Saito says:

    I think I like the Kia headline better – The longer the trip the better …
    Safe travels – I hope you get outta there tonight.
    P.S. John – nice legs!

  5. Laureen Blane says:

    Thinking about you. Glad to hear that you have finally departed. Good luck on your voyage……have fun and enjoy this amazing advenuture.

  6. penny says:

    miss you two and miss your blog. coordinates, please?

  7. Steve Noufer says:

    Definitely curious as to your location.

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