Bureaucratic Delay


Yesterday, we spent the morning in Olangapo picking up a few odds and ends but mostly checking out the local scene. The hunt for the Post Office continued in earnest. Again after multiple enquiries and much shaking of heads, we were directed to the ramshackle building on a narrow back street, pictured above. Up a narrow flight of stairs, we were rewarded with stamps to the US for 30 pesos, about .60 USD.

Afterwards, we cruised through the open air markets picking out plastic wares, buying fresh sea salt by the kilo and munching fried bananas. We finished off by jamming into a two person trike and riding through the windy narrow streets chocked full of people, dogs, and other two stroke whining trikes.

Today our frustration is waiting for our replacement Mareton unit. Seahorse Marine and Bill Kimley came through like champs and immediately sent the unit from Zhuhai via DHL. The unit arrived in Manila yesterday morning. We found out today that customs has put a delay on the unit and it has been sitting there for the past 36 hours. When John found out, he started making calls and “putting on the bubba”; all the Texans will know this term and the rest of you can imagine. Dealing with the Filipinos on these bureaucratic matters is the height of frustration, they move no faster than they will move, followed by many “thank you,sirs”, “god bless, sir”, “god speed, sir”. Speed, yes, that is what we want. What can we say? We are hoping for tomorrow. Until then we continue to tweak our gear and enjoy the sunsets from the flybridge. Ciao. Kathleen


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6 Responses to Bureaucratic Delay

  1. Wendy Atherden says:

    Oh my gosh! You must all be developing the patience of angels. I’d be wanting to find something to kick [actually, preferably someone] You all look remarkably relaxed in that excellent photo!

  2. Steve Noufer says:

    Frustrating! How is weather outlook?

  3. Barbara says:

    You all look so calm and relaxed! Lovely picture and view. It sounds like life marches to a different tempo (does it help to slip a few dollars or pesos?). Wish we knew the authorities to put a fire under their feet for you! All the best, enjoy the “journey”. Barbara

  4. penny says:

    love the onboard lanai. you still look relaxed and happy, ling. loved the bombed out building/post office. the delays are all part of the adventure and story. we travel to foreign lands because it’s not like home. good luck on getting out…but enjoy the fried bananas and the two person trike rides. oh, and this is one texan who hasn’t heard the “putting on the bubba” expression, but i like it. perhaps try “putting on the Bungay.”

  5. Laureen Blane says:

    I am following other friends on a catarman who are sailing around the world. The hold up with customs and the port authorities seems to be a frequent problem as reported in many of their blogs. Patience is a virtue and I think that you will need a lot of patience on this trip!
    Wonderful picture of the Crew!

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