1400 Gallons of Diesel Fuel


Today we fueled Laysan. Filling the car up at the gas station is a different experience than fueling a 50 foot steel trawler with 1400 gallons of diesel fuel. The procedure required all hands on board, including help from Ray and Richie. We pulled away from the dock for our 10:00 am appointment. As an aside the departure was a success, a point of pride for newbies whose every docking is an adventure in physics. However our excitement over our marina exit was quickly followed by the challenge of docking against a concrete fueling dock that seems taller than Laysan. But no worries, John is becoming a pro (with just a few well placed suggestions from Ray). Two hours later, we have traversed the maze of officials, signed multiple receipts, and secured our duty free fuel.

Unfortunately during our short shakedown cruise, John realizes that our Maretron weather station is not working. We call Blaine, the electronics tech expert, for a diagnosis. As you can see from the photo below, Blaine has to go to great heights to see his patient. Unfortunately for us, the prognosis is grim; the last typhoon through about two weeks ago has filled the Maretron receivers with water. After several calls, we are hopeful that we can replace the unit by Wednesday. An unfortunate two day delay, but one that gives us more time to check our remaining systems, change the engine oil, and make a trip to Olangapo for fried bananas. A dinner at Vascos raises our spirits and we look forward to our meeting with the customs officials tomorrow, a next step in clearing out of Subic.

Cheers. Kathleen


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7 Responses to 1400 Gallons of Diesel Fuel

  1. Steve says:

    Amazing how many details there are to take care of. Love hearing about them.

  2. Kathleen & John – Thanks for sharing your adventure on your blog (and in such a timely fashion). Have a good journey and be safe.

  3. Laureen Blane says:

    So sorry that you were unable to leave on your planned departure day but I always say there is a reason that these happen. You may find that out once you leave who knows. One thing for sure is that you will be able to enjoy the fired bananas and go to a restaurant before you leave on Wed.
    Safe sailing and good luck on the repair of your weather staion.
    Laureen and Colin

  4. penny says:

    always a fascinating read with great pictures. sorry about the two day delay, but in any down time act like tourists and have a fried banana for me. love, penny

  5. Nancy Butterfield says:

    Hi Kathleen and John:
    Don sent us the link to your blog. What an exciting adventure! We will keep following your blog. Stay safe and have fun!
    Nancy, Mike and Claire

  6. Barbara says:

    All our good wishes to you all this adventure of a lifetime!! It was great to see the pictures!! Any chance to pick up a snack in Palau? Wow, provisioning for 60 days!! May the LIGHT winds always be to your backs and the sun shine gently upon you all as you motor on through calm seas. Cheers!! Barbara (and Blaine)

  7. Erin Lee says:

    Hi Kathleen & John:
    It all sounds so exiciting! Enjoy your adventure!

    On the home front, I spoke with Julia. She and Connor are both fine. I asked all of the pertinent questions — eating (yes, mostly eating out); car (all is well), getting to school on time (yes, much to Julia’s surprise!). Julia said everything was going surprising well. She’s looking forward to Grandpa’s arrival tomorrow. Sounds like she and Connor are working well together. A good bonding opportunity for the kids!

    Wishing you a safe send-off on Wednesday!


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