“Working Hard”


At the risk of sounding like our former President George Bush, getting ready for a cruise is “hard work”. Jenny and I spent the last three days provisioning the boat, shopping at groceries literally clogged with Filipino shoppers, each of us pushing multiple baskets piled high with milk (for yogurt making), chips (for lunches), flour (for bread making), and wine (for those nights we are at anchor). On every aisle of the grocery store are workers in their special outfits, making sure that all the cans are facing forward, crowding around us to help as we try to decide how much butter do we need for two months, asking “is that for your home?” as we load ten boxes of wine into our overflowing carts.

At the same time Brian and John spend fifteen hour days organizing the departure. Hours spent in the engine room tying down the spares so they don’t roll around while under way, hours learning how to operate the short wave radio from Terry, a wizened retired army colonel who sailed away from Hawaii in 1984, and starting a reluctant water maker and then drinking pure water made from the gunky waters of Subic Bay.

Tomorrow we have an appointment to get our diesel fuel. We will pull away from the marina at 9:00 am and rendezvous at the fuel dock at 10:00 am. We have arranged, with much paper work, to purchase fuel at $3.00 a gallon, an incredible duty free rate. Hopefully, the afternoon will be spent in the colorful local town of Olangapo buying fried bananas, riding the whining two stroke trikes, and shopping for fresh mango and sea salt.

We are still on track to leave by noon on Monday, Philippine time. Cheers. Kathleen


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2 Responses to “Working Hard”

  1. Janet & Terry says:

    I am just loving your descriptive news (?Kathleen). The shear volume of food (and wine) must get quite the looks! And it sounds like you have lots of experienced people to help you figure out radios, sat phones, etc. Talk about team work! I know that you could not ask for better shipmates than the McCutcheons. We are anxious for pictures of you all. Hopefully you can get team pictures taken before you sail off.

    All is well in Victoria. We had our first frost on the roofs last night, the days are sunny and a bit cool. I am off to the clinic to see about my 10day cold which seems to be in a state of stasis…..cough up yech in the am, feel just a bit tired but functional. Terry is enjoying his Forever Fridays off. We went to Pender last Sunday night and to Comox (Dave&Jane’s) this Saturday night. We are driving Haley up to see a friend in Nanaimo as he is putting on a dance (Not a rave) at the Conference Centre there.

    Hugs to all,
    Janet & Terry

  2. Debbie Vickery says:

    You write so well Kathleen, I can just imagine how different and exciting everything is.
    Tell Jen it sounds like our shopping before living on Cocos Islands for 2 years.Have an amazing adventure and enjoy!
    Love Deb & Bob

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