Fluids, Food, and Crew

We keep telling everyone we are leaving Monday and they keep looking at us with doubt. But we forge on with the help of many hands. Rollie and Patrick, the boat boys, are in charge of storm windows, fueling the dinghy, and getting additional LPG tanks. Ray, our surveyor, is setting up diesel fuel for the boat and arranging customs departure. Blaine, our electronics guru, is connecting the antennas, sat phone docking and sailmail so that we have communications at sea.

More help arrived yesterday, the crew! Brian and Jenny wheeled up substantial luggage chock full of cheese, salami and tea. Brian even brought along an awesome looking fishing rod. Mahimahis look out.

Today the top priorities are food for the people and fluids for the boat. Jenny and I will take the jeepney to the market for the second of multiple runs on provisioning. Exactly how much cereal do we need for four people for 60 days? John and Brian are in charge of arranging fuel, oils, water and gas.



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3 Responses to Fluids, Food, and Crew

  1. Steve Noufer says:

    Wow, 60 days. For me, that would involve a lot of food. And perhaps some wine.

  2. Dave & Dorothy says:

    Hi guys, your weather to Palau is looking good (on Passageweather). I’m assuming you’ve corresponded with David Fritsch regards his trip on the same route e.g. it would be good not to spend a month on the reef at Pohnepe (sp). dfritsch2000@yahoo.com

  3. penny says:

    yes, heartily recommend fluids for the people.

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