Subic Bay, A Contemplation of Time and Distance

After a very long day, we boarded Laysan with our 300 lbs of baggage, and had a couple of beers to recount our airline phase of this voyage.  Flying at 600 mph over an ocean of miles for 10 hours, we crossed a span of the globe equal to 1/4 its total circumference.  Now we will return at 6 mph, a speed I could run once, which will take 1000 hours.  Thus, a sea of time is now before us.

Typhoon tomorrow, but maybe only a “banana typhoon” as my patients have called them.  I asked what is a banana typhoon, and they say “it only knocks down banana trees.”  Hopefully no more typhoons of any fruit variety in our way, but we are watching.

The list is beginning again, even though I had just finished it the day before we left home.  Insidious is the list.  We are ever optimistic and will now buy 1000 gallons of diesel, food for four to last 60 days, and test all systems once again before departure.

Kathleen and I are happy and energized by the tasks at hand.  The boat is comfortable and secure. Brian and Jenny arrive tomorrow from Hong Kong to make the crew complete.  All is well.

 Regards to everyone,

John and Kathleen

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5 Responses to Subic Bay, A Contemplation of Time and Distance

  1. Robert Hess says:

    Looking forward to hearing about your crossing and the adventures to bring your new family member home to Hawaii! An amazing journey for an amazing family! Keep us updated.
    Robert and Gay.

  2. Steve Noufer says:

    Very cool John and Kathleen Looking forward to your progress reports. Should be quite the adventure. Aloha Steve

  3. Sybil Saito says:

    I still can’t believe that you two doing this and that it is really happening! So glad to know that there will be 4 on the crew. Great sailing!! Sybil

  4. Dear John and Kathleen,

    You are such an inspiration! You made us feel energized as well. We follow in your footsteps (on a different terrain though) and hope to share the feel of our “imminent” trip to Nepal in a blog. Please visit our site when you have some down time (

    We can’t wait to hear more of your adventures. As for your 6 m/h speed, don’t feel embarrassed, ours will be half of that at best :0)

    Bon voyage,
    Farkas and Erika

  5. penny says:

    adventure suits you well. you both looked relaxed and years younger. the galley looks like a mini-version of round top. smooth sailing, my friends.

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