Anticipated Route and Time from Subic to Honolulu

Leg Nautical Miles Time Fuel Sea Days Lay Days
Subic 4
Subic to Hamilo 48 8 hours 20 gal 1
Hamilo to Puerto Galera 53 9 hours 22 gal 1 1
Puerto Galera to Ticao 181 30 hours 75 gal 2 1
Ticao to Palau 723 120 hours 301 gal 5 4
Palau to Pohnpei 1417 236 hours 590 gal 10 3
Pohnpei to Majuro 784 130 hours 326 gal 6 2
Majuro to Honolulu 1998 333 hours 832 gal 14
TOTAL 5204 nm 866 hours 2166 gal 40 15 (55 days)
Majuro to Palmyra 1597 266 hours 665 gal 11 2
Palmyra to Honolulu 962 160 hours 400 gal 7
TOTAL 5765 nm 959 hours 2399 gal 43 17 (60 days)
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2 Responses to Anticipated Route and Time from Subic to Honolulu

  1. penny says:

    godspeed to you two and your australian/victorian shipmates. i miss you already, though, you’ve yet to leave and can’t wait to hear of your adventures. thank goodness you are two of the most competent people i know. i like your dad’s saying…it reminds me of “life is what happens when we’re making plans for something else.”….but this is one of those rare times when life will be lived in the present tense. keep the dream alive you two. happy sailing. much love,penny

  2. Blaine and Barbara Juchau says:

    Jenny and Brian are on their way. We took them to the Victoria Airport this AM and saw them off. All the best to you guys. Have fun. Good Luck

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