Run Away

We have always had the philosophy that there is no such thing as a bad vacation.  However, we are starting to test that philosophy.  The day is grey, the rain is torrential, the outlook is bleak for the next seven days.  The Internet that we worked all day on yesterday is not connecting.  John and I put on our rain jackets and trek to the SBYC for their Internet service.  We start to first research other options in the Philippines.  Apparently there is flooding rain throughout the islands.  It is the front page news on the Manila paper.  We start to look further afield and turn to Hong Kong.  We love Hong Kong and decide that we will give it a try for a couple of days.  John and I spend essentially the entire day working through the logistics on an Internet system that is spotty at best.

In the meantime, Sarah and Julia go with Kim from “Bob the Boat” to tour Olongapo with a local.  Despite the torrential rain, the girls have a good time wading through the flooded streets, eating fried bananas, buying dresses at the local market for 140 pesos, visiting some of Kim’s relatives, and riding in a jeepney. They have no pictures because it is so rainy they can’t take the camera out.

Back at the club, John and I are trying to buy tickets on the internet.  Twice, we go through the sequence of credit cards, passport numbers, and names and twice it refuses to go through.  Next we call the airlines and yes they will help us make the reservations.  For the third time we go through the information, just as John is giving the last name and numbers, his foreign cell phone dies, it has run out of sim card minutes.  We pack up all of our stuff, and at 9:30 at night in pouring rain, walk to the local 7-11 to buy another sim card.  Miracles they have one!  We return to the club, call yet again, finish the transaction, and head back to the boat to make dinner.  

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