Monsoon Madness

Sunday morning is dismal, the sky is grey and rain showers, some heavy, keep blowing through. Ray calls and tells us that a fellow who knows a lot about Puerto Galera is getting ready for the days regatta and will chat with us.  We head down and get some good tips and hook Julia up with a 36 foot boat for the regatta.  The day remains grey and rainy but Julia heads out with the Princess Ariata.  John, Sarah and I decide to dinghy out to watch the start of the race.  We don total wet weather gear and lower the dinghy.  Connor opts to stay dry with his iTouch. As we clear the marina area the chop picks up.  We continue towards the Lighthouse start but see that the sailboats are already out in the bay.  As we motor on through the chop and the rain the dinghy motor dies.  We look at each other and Sarah starts rowing to shore.  Fortunately there is a bit of sand beach ahead with only moderate breaking waves.  We make the beach, pull the dinghy ashore, and contemplate our situation.  While John walks down to a jet ski operation to check on gas, Sarah and I comb the beach collecting baby sandals.  We cannot figure out why there are so many baby sandals washed ashore but they make good floaties for keys and such.

John returns with news that they have gas but no mixing oil.  We recheck the tank and decide if we turn it upside down we can use the last bit of gas in the tank.  We row back through the waves, start the engine and hightail it for the marina.

Later that afternoon (the rain continues) Julia returns with two new friends she made on the sailboat, Glenn and Yana.  We have a pleasant hour conversation about Manila, say goodbye, and start to make our Father’s Day dinner.  Chicken curry, walnut brownies, and double chocolate ice cream.  

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