The Rain Begins

While the day started off well enough, the clouds rolled in and the rain started. We checked the weather forecasts and it was a good move coming in from Silanguin.  Patrick the boat boy came by to clean up the boat.  It is amazing how salty it gets in just a few days, I will wish for a boat boy in Honolulu. We made some food lists and headed out to the Royal market.  While Royal has a good selection of foods, it is an absolute zoo in terms of people.  The baskets are small and are the european variety that don’t drive in a straight line.  Between the crowds and the nutty baskets, navigating the rabbit warren of aisles is daunting.  We set out in two teams to amass enough food for ten days.  An hour and a half later we are ready for checkout.  Cost for two baskets of groceries is a bit over $400 USD.  We load the groceries into the jeepney and head back to the marina.

While the kids go to the pool, I fill the water tanks which hold 200 gallons each.  The process takes the better part of an hour.  Afterwards it is steak, risotto, salad, and focaccia for dinner followed by two episodes of Modern Family.  Lights out at midnight.

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