Dinghy and Kayak Day

We have opted to stay one more day and we hope the weather holds. Beautiful clear day with cummulus clouds overhead.  John decides to make pancakes this morning and we have them with mango and honey from the Negritos natives.  The only problem was not enough. Julia, John and I load up in the dinghy and pull the kayak behind.  The plan is to check out an inland stream to see how far back it goes.  The water and sand in this part of the bay is classic clear aquamarine.  I wait behind while Julia and John check out the stream also so I can watch as Sarah swims from the boat to shore.  After some shell collecting we head back for lunch and some hot naps.  

Today’s new piece of machinery is the water maker.  An exceptional machine that makes salt water into fresh water at a rate of about 200 gallons a day.  While we don’t really need it for this trip since our tanks hold 400 gallons, we want it to work for the long trip back to Hawaii.  While John is working on it, the kids have kayaked to shore for swimming.

Today we saw two interesting creatures, one was a leaping manta ray, the other was this two foot long tough translucent gelatinous tube with compartments.  We thought jellyfish? Egg sac?

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