Walking the Bay

We wake up this morning at Silanguin Bay. The night was a bit hot and kids are a bit grumpy.  Julia wants to go exploring, so she and I kayak to shore to do a beach walk.  We end up going the length of the bay about 5 miles there and back.  Their are local fishermen here that live a seeming subsistence lifestyle.  They live on the beach in thatched roof houses made of bamboo poles.  They fish from their banka boats which have two outriggers and are brightly colored.  It is pretty quiet on the beach today although we do wave at various locals that are resting in the shade or working off their boats.  We chatted with one group of kids who were just hanging in the shade.  The two girls did not appear to speak any English but the boy told us that they lived in the thatched hut and were fishermen. Julia gave them pencils and they were very happy.

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