Arrival Silanguin Bay

We wake up hot here at Binanga bay.  The night was a bit rolly and John was up multiple times checking the anchor, the wind direction, the depth, etc.  The morning is still and hot so we decide to go check out the beach.  We launch the dinghy, a bit of an exercise that we will get faster at as the trip goes on.  We motor to the beach to check out the shells and snorkeling.  Not a lot to look at, just lovely views and and nice clean, clear water for swimming with not a soul in sight.  We decide to depart for Silanguin bay.  We head out of the protection of the bay into the South China Sea. The ride is definitely rolly with three to five foot waves quartering our aft port side.  Sarah and Connor both sleep, probably a tinge seasick.  The passage takes about two and a half hours.  As soon as we enter Silanguin bay, the sea became flat, and the winds die down.  We motor down to the far end of the bay, past the fishing farm, and put out 150 foot of chain and anchor.  We shut off the engine and enjoy a fantastic view.  We are the only cruising boat in the bay, but there are lots of banka boats out fishing.  That night we decide to celebrate Julia’s 17th birthday.  Julia makes a great mango chocolate cake with mango sorbet ice cream and we shower her with small presents; new snorkeling gear, a small fish net, Tibetan prayer flags, a carry bag, Burt’s Bees face soap, and sunglasses.  

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