Departure to Binanga Bay

Julia wants to leave today, she has been working tirelessly to complete the departure list.  Unfortunately the list seems to grow instead of decrease.  She and I decide we should make one more trip to Olongapo for produce. We walk to the bridge crossing and debate which way to go since we are not sure the best way to the big outdoor market.  We find a line of trikes and drivers and start the conversation about where we want to go.  Even though this is the third largest English speaking population in the world, they don’t really speak very well.  Either that or our accent is so weird they just do not understand us (or we them). After much discussion with three drivers, we get in and the driver immediately heads in the wrong direction.  We resign ourselves to the fact we won’t be going to the big market.  We wind our way through back streets with loads of others trikes, it gets more and more crowded, and suddenly we are there; the large market!  What we discover is that the trikes can not go on the main roads so they have to take the long way around.  We have much success shopping and head back.

John is still working on various systems, but the list is getting shorter, but it is also getting later. Finally the last thing is to check the weather.  It looks generally ok with southwest winds, no big weather systems.  We decide to leave for a protected cove at the mouth of Subic Bay called Binanga Bay. We manage to get away from the dock without incident and head out of SBYC.  John calls the port authority for clearance and we are on our way. The ride to the bay is about an hour and a half.  We anchor without problem and view a bay surrounded by dense jungle and mountains.  There are about four substantial homes on the beach next to fishermen’s thatched huts.  A very calm warm night that allows too many flies to find our boat, the kids hunt them for entertainment. For our evening activity we watch a fantastic lightening storm that is crossing from south to north, great bolts and flashes. We head off to bed for our first night at anchor.

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