Since we have been doing chores and shopping, the kids are getting restless. We plan an outing to hike Pamulaklakin Trail.  When we get to the trail head, there are a lot of covered shack areas with locals hanging around.  They wave the jeepney in to park.  Prices were posted at 50 pesos each (1.00). So we paid at a funny little hut and told them we did not need a guide.  They assigned us a guide anyway. At that point we decided to go with the flow.

Our guide’s name is Samson, he is Negrito of the Aeta tribe. As we hike through the jungle, he tells us the names of the plants and how they act as medicines for allergies, mosquito bites, and poison ivy.  At one point we sit down and he begins this very cool demonstration of how to cook with bamboo.  He uses his machete and makes a rice cooker, meat cooker, bbq spit, spoon, knife, cup, and toothpick all out of this one piece of bamboo.  He them demonstrates how they would make an entire meal with the bamboo parts. He even pantomimes how good it tastes, he is really funny.  For the finale, we head back to the little village and he shows us how to make fire with a piece of bamboo.  Those people on Survivor should learn from this guy. He shaves some edge from an old piece of bamboo, sets it under a halved piece of bamboo with a little hole in it.  Then he begins rubbing another piece of bamboo back and forth over the hole.  After just a bit, smoke starts to come out underneath the bamboo, he stops, blows on the ember and it burst into flame.  Amazing!  Of course, Samson makes it look easy and when we try, we fail.  However, with practice I think we could do it and Julia plans on perfecting the skill.

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