Shopping Olongapo

Julia, Sarah and I decide a trip to the Olongapo market is in order.  Here at Subic is a curious division between Subic which is the old American base and the local community of Olongapo.  Only special vehicles are allowed to drive over the bridge into Subic, so we cannot catch a jeepney or trike into the town, we have to walk over the bridge separating the two.  We catch a ride with Rollie, our boat boy who helps with the boat, who drives a jeepney into Olongapo and drops me and the two girls at the local market. Julia and I quickly realized that it was not the market we were familiar with. We figured we would work that out later and just began shopping.  We bought mango, Chinese cabbage, potatoes, banana, Roma tomatoes, and shallots.  The locals speak enough English to communicate with costs and we negotiate when we think they are charging too much.  After shopping, since we don’t know exactly where we are we walk outside the market and start looking around.  Immediately a trike comes over to give us a ride.  We asked could he hold three.  In answer he flips down a little seat as large as an envelope.  We negotiated a price of thirty pesos, about .70 cents.  Cramming in, we started the drive to the Subic Main Gate. Indeed  some minutes later we arrived, gathered our goods, walked across the bridge, down the two blocks to the SBYC, and to the boat.

In the mean time John had continued his tireless efforts to get the boat checked out and ready.  For evening entertainment, we drove the jeepney to look for fruit bats.  We found thousands of them wheeling around the trees screeching at sunset.  Afterwards we drove to Vascos for outdoor lanai dining with a curious mix of expats and locals.  Home again to enjoy an air conditioned night on board.

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