Subic Wrapup

Subic has provided crews of hard working marine personel to wash away the caked salt on the railings and lines of our Laysan. She gleams in the tropical sun resting nicely in the slip provided by the yacht club for our temporary separation. Now the reality of the day job looms and I head home in the morning, while Brian generously agrees to stay another day and oversee the shuttering of windows and shutdown of systems until we can all meet again for the next leg of this adventure. Ray Wolfe’s crew will then open and operate the boat weekly to insure the vitality of a complicated machine afloat. And we all begin to reflect on the scores of experiences only gradually still being absorbed.

I have to compliment my family for tolerating my absence, my friend and crew mate, Brian for indulging in this totally awesome sojourn through China, Hong Kong, South China Sea, and now Subic bay PI. This has also shown the mettle of a boat well constructed and fitted by Bill and Stella Kimley of Seahorse Marine. Laysan is certainly now our journey machine, and I am grateful to have it to share with my family and friends.

I look forward to being at home and will update with plans as they emerge. All the best and thanks for listening.

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